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Network Global Services Corporation S.A. and its commercial name IndaloGold is an Online Shop that buys and sells bullion and coins of 24 carat fine gold legally registered in Republic of Panama, starting its activities in January 2016. We currently have a team of professionals specialized in different areas, which ensure the quality and service offered to our customers.

What we offer:

* IndaloGold through its online shop sells bullion and coins of 24 carat fine gold in different weights from prestigious refineries.
* We offer a wide range of products ensuring that you always have a variety at your disposal.
* IndaloGold only sells high quality products that meet the highest quality standards. The quality is guaranteed because we work with by LBMA (The London Bullion Market Association) certified refineries.

Our mission:

We want to help people and customers by showing them how to generate and accumulate investment gold through our loyalty shopping system with discount. Offering our clients the possibility to generate investment gold assets thus securing and equity stability, creating value and making a difference. Allowing you to have a better quality of life and better economic stability.

2017 Vision:

Raise awareness and bring to market the IndaloGold online shop and our discount shopping program for customer’s loyalty.

General Vision:

To be a world reference in marketing through our IndaloGold online shop and our discount purchase program, seeking customers loyalty with bullion and gold coins. Also providing the opportunity to generate wealth in gold (economic stability) to thousands of people worldwide.

A company prepared to compete globally.

A responsible, efficient and competitive company committed to its customers.


Committed to the development of the company in the long term.

Make a difference in everything we do, thanks to the perseverance, dedication and passion proven every day.

Serve our customers effectively continually challenging us to achieve new products and objectives.

Respect and openness to diversity of cultures and traditions of our clients through relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Listen to improvements and different views from our customers and communicate openly and honestly.

Commitment to a serious work ethic, integrity and honesty, as well as compliance with applicable laws and with IndaloGold´s principles, policies and standards.

Network Global Services Corporation S.A . and its commercial name IndaloGold is an Online Shop that buys and sells bullion and coin...