How to get the best out of testimonies

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Testimonies are used to sell the goodness products and the business opportunity, as well as to sell the appointment for the next customers to attend a presentation, to answer objections, to motivate the members or customers and in general, to communicate with them. This necessarily involves that you should have a wide variety of testimonies in your memory to be able to use them when you need them, adapting them to each situation. Not just your testimonies but also those testimonies of other people.

Even though the meeting to know the business presentation is the best place to listen to those testimonies, also it is useful to talk with other members or customers and to inquire what they thought before entering into the business, how their perceptions have changed, how they did business at first and how they do it now, what it is the most different thing they have found, what has worked for them and what has not, etcetera.

Talking about motivation, we can say that when you start using networks the satisfaction is the economic aspect and the small initial achievements: the first people to sign, the first gain, the first cheque with royalties.

As part of the tracking that you do with your new members or customers, occasionally you realize that someone is not doing things correctly.

The best way to make his way of proceeding change is by using some testimony and after showing him the correct way.

“At first many people, including Juan, María and myself, also pressure our members or customers to buy more in order that our royalties’ cheque were bigger and what do you think? It did not work! We lost so much money before realizing… (the correct way) … the single effective way to increase the cheque is to sign up more people directly.”

When we answer the objections that prospects present, we should always put ourselves in their shoes and after we should make them to see what we want by a testimony.

“I think everything is right but I do not have so much time (putting ourselves in prospect’s shoes.) I fully understand you, María. At first I thought the same but also, I realize I used to spend so much time watching TV… (testimony)… then I decided to stop watching TV two hours per day and with that time I started my business. Now I earn (€xxx) and I am having more free time each day.”

On the one hand, testimonies power consists of brief stories that when people hear them, they imagine them and they will remember them.

On the other hand, testimonies are the proof that everything can be done, because other people have had similar objections and despite this, they have been able to have success.

When you put yourself in their shoes, generally the person doesn’t feel rejected, this helps a lot because it opens your mind to listen to the testimony and this means that acceptance possibilities increase.

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Testimonies are used to sell the goodness products and the business opportunity, as well as to sell the appointment for the next cus...