Testimonies importance

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Testimonies are the result or the benefit which are obtained with the products and the business. Thus, they are quite personal. They must be clear, brief, objective and true.

The first testimonies are more powerful, especially the ones which are related to the gains because people who have not begun yet identify themselves easier with these ones than the achieved results after being for two or three more years in the business. This is regarded very distantly. They want to know how much they will be able to earn in a brief time, the first day, the first week, the first month. While you do not have your own testimonies, you could use the testimonies that you have listened to at meetings and conferences: “A woman earned in her first month…”

The most effective testimonies are always the most spectacular. If these ones have to be true, you have to go ahead and create your own story because you will only have one first day, one first week, one first month, one first year in the business. Just for this situation, we insist on the importance of starting your business up immediately. Although you do not know everything about this. It is quite simple, you do not need to know so much about it to be able to start up.

As soon as you obtain results with the products and the business, you should start preparing your testimonies, no matter if you think they are small. You should write them and remember, they should be brief, clear and objective.

After this, you should memorize them because they will be useful to always say the same when you need to use them. Do not forget to give them your emotion when you are sharing it because at first this is the thing which helps you to sell more. On the business testimonies, you should insist on how simple it was signing or inviting your first customers, or also earning your first royalties. Do remember that on the sales, it is said that 80% of the decisions are based on feelings and just 20% on logic.

Each testimony, even if it is about the products or the business, is recommended not to last more than one or two minutes. That is the reason you must prepare your speech carefully.

A common mistake that many customers or members make consist on the following: they feel bad because they think their testimonies have been listened to many times by their peers and they tend to exaggerate or modify them, believing that saying new things will be better.

You must know that your testimonies go targeted to prospectus or new customers, not the ones who are members. Thus, no matter if you repeat them over and over because the prospectus will not be always the same.

Well prepared testimonies said with emotion constitute alive and palpable evidences that products and services work and that the business can be done and although they do not say, it is what every prospectus wants to hear.

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Testimonies are the result or the benefit which are obtained with the products and the business. Thus, they are quite personal. They...