Advantages of building gold

Many times, one of the most important projects that people have is the project for saving enough money to count on a kind of capital that can be invested in other aspects in order to generate more money.

Generally, when we have the capital, we do not know how we want to invest it. If currently you have a lot money and you do not know where to invest it, we can confidently tell you that the best thing you can do is to buy gold.

Investment gold is an asset that generates lots of money, even if when we have gold reserves, this cannot increase but we can obtain a great economic benefit from it, even if they are reserves.

Today we want to tell you the advantages you can find when you take the decision of buying gold. After reading this post, we are sure you will take the lead in investing and storing gold.

Advantages of building gold

These are some of the advantages that are important in order to know about the use of gold or the investment we are planning to do, let’s see them:

1. Means of universal payment: one of the best advantages we cannot forget is that nobody rejects the gold. We can pay or buy all we want with gold, in other words, if we are interested in investing in something else that is not gold, we can definitively pay it.

Everybody around the world would accept gold as a means of payment, also it is delightful.

2. Gold bars are not affected by inflation. Another of the advantages that we can obtain with gold bars is that gold bars are not affected by inflation as it occurs with currency. Thus, its value is never minimized, also in the case of a sudden economic downturn, gold would be the most important currency along with silver.

3. It can be carried: another of the advantages we can always consider regarding gold, is that it is easily transportable. Unlike properties or immovable properties, gold can be carried from one spot to another, without selling it, or leaving it in the place of origin. The disadvantage of other investments is that we cannot carry them, but we can do it with gold.

4. Investment for the future: mostly people who engage in buying gold or storing gold is because they are aware of their long-term investment, in other words, investment that will be reflected in the future. Gold is one of the best insurance that people can have because it does not modify its value, by contrast, it increases or it holds steady.

5. It is always revalued: gold is always revalued, it is one of the guarantees that this type of metal has, along with silver. Thus, we can be certain that its price will increase for our good.

These are the five advantages we can tell you about the fact of buying gold as one of the best investments.

Many times, one of the most important projects that people have is the project for saving enough money to count on a kind of capital ...

25 curiosities about gold

Gold is one of the most appreciated substances in our society, meaning of wealth and status. Why is it so coveted? Of all metals of the universe, why has the gold become so valuable? It has been a row of events that has taken gold to be highly valuable; on one side, it is not the weirdest metal but it is difficult to get it. But there are metals that are quite weirder and, particularly, gold is not too interesting: it does not react with other metals, then which is its virtue? Precisely, its plainness is what makes gold be so valid as currency.

Gold is not too weird neither is too abundant. It is not toxic, neither radioactive. And gold is one of the few metals that exist that have these characteristics.

1. A tonne of old mobile phones will give you more gold than a tonne of gold ore.

2. If you take all the gold from the ocean, there would be enough gold so that each person around the world would have 4 kg of this metal.

3. To avoid Nazi confiscation, the Hungarian chemist George Hevesy melted the German physicist Max von Laue and James Frank’s Nobel Prizes gold and he rebuilt them after the war.

4. Early sailors used to have gold rings so that if they got drowned and if they finally got ended up in the shore, these gold rings used to be a way of payment for Christian burials.

5. The Olympic gold medal only contains 1% of gold.

6. In Dubai there are cash machines that dispense gold.

7. Most of the gold which is in the earth’s crust was placed there because of the asteroid impact.

8. Most of gold of the Earth is in the core, because it sank in the core while the planet was forming.

9. This is not a curiosity about gold, but it is something related with it. In 1859 the gold miners from the Rocky Mountains woke up at 1 a.m. to have breakfast because the light was so bright that they thought it had already dawned.   

10. The ice-cream testers use gold spoons to avoid the taste of traditional spoons that they have.

11. The Roman politician Cayo Graco had a reward for his head, that person who would give it, would have that head weight in gold. The head was given but the reward wasn’t paid because the killer had filled the head with lead.

12. Aluminium used to be the most valuable metal in the Earth. The rich people could eat with aluminium cutlery, while the people who were not so rich used gold ones.

13. Mansa Musa, ruler of the Mali Empire, wasted so much gold in Egypt that it was devalued and he almost destroyed the economy.

14. Chinese prisoners are obliged to extract gold on the online videogame World of Warcraft. Some sources report that there are near 100000 online gold farmers in all the Asian country.

15. LEGO gives a gold ingot of 25 grams to the workers who have been in the company for a quarter century.

16. Gold is edible.

17. Gold has been found in every continent.

18. Gold is usually extracted by force of water during earthquakes because of his pressure in the of the earth’s crust.

19. Eucalyptus leaves might contain traces of gold.

20. All gold extracted in the human history would fit in three Olympic swimming pools.

21. Almost the half of the gold that has been extracted were situated in Witwatersrand, in South Africa.

22. Aurophobia is the fear of gold.

23. Indian housewives have almost 11% of the gold in the world, more than the gold there is in USA, Switzerland, Germany and IMF together.

24. The biggest gold bar in the world weighs 250 kg.

25. Your body contains approximately 0.2 mg of gold, situated mainly in the blood stream.

Gold is one of the most appreciated substances in our society, meaning of wealth and status. Why is it so coveted? Of all metals of the...

How to get the best out of testimonies

Testimonies are used to sell the goodness products and the business opportunity, as well as to sell the appointment for the next customers to attend a presentation, to answer objections, to motivate the members or customers and in general, to communicate with them. This necessarily involves that you should have a wide variety of testimonies in your memory to be able to use them when you need them, adapting them to each situation. Not just your testimonies but also those testimonies of other people.

Even though the meeting to know the business presentation is the best place to listen to those testimonies, also it is useful to talk with other members or customers and to inquire what they thought before entering into the business, how their perceptions have changed, how they did business at first and how they do it now, what it is the most different thing they have found, what has worked for them and what has not, etcetera.

Talking about motivation, we can say that when you start using networks the satisfaction is the economic aspect and the small initial achievements: the first people to sign, the first gain, the first cheque with royalties.

As part of the tracking that you do with your new members or customers, occasionally you realize that someone is not doing things correctly.

The best way to make his way of proceeding change is by using some testimony and after showing him the correct way.

“At first many people, including Juan, María and myself, also pressure our members or customers to buy more in order that our royalties’ cheque were bigger and what do you think? It did not work! We lost so much money before realizing… (the correct way) … the single effective way to increase the cheque is to sign up more people directly.”

When we answer the objections that prospects present, we should always put ourselves in their shoes and after we should make them to see what we want by a testimony.

“I think everything is right but I do not have so much time (putting ourselves in prospect’s shoes.) I fully understand you, María. At first I thought the same but also, I realize I used to spend so much time watching TV… (testimony)… then I decided to stop watching TV two hours per day and with that time I started my business. Now I earn (€xxx) and I am having more free time each day.”

On the one hand, testimonies power consists of brief stories that when people hear them, they imagine them and they will remember them.

On the other hand, testimonies are the proof that everything can be done, because other people have had similar objections and despite this, they have been able to have success.

When you put yourself in their shoes, generally the person doesn’t feel rejected, this helps a lot because it opens your mind to listen to the testimony and this means that acceptance possibilities increase.

The online gold shop IndaloGold gives you a huge opportunity, thanks to his system in order to help you to have your own testimony!

Testimonies are used to sell the goodness products and the business opportunity, as well as to sell the appointment for the next cus...

Russia Leaving Global Banking System: Dumping US Dollar for Gold

Russia is one of the more powerful nations in the world.  With the power, however, comes enemies. One of its enemies has a slight financial hold over Russia, and that power comes in the form of Dollars. The relationship between the east and west is now at a stalemate; Moscow’s reaction to western encroachment and accusations comes from President Vladimir Putin, who has proposed to withdraw the Russian state from the international banking system, moving towards a more traditional gold-based system.

Russia isn’t alone in this. BRICS nations such as Brazil, India, China, and South Africa are all planning their exit from the international banking mafia for more financial independence.

However, for President Putin, the threat came in the form of the Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication system, or the SWIFT system, which allows easy transfer of money internationally, such as via American express. The problem, however, is the international banks are threatening to bar Russian access from this system if they leave the ‘big club.’

Many economists have informed the world leaders of the consequences facing them if they remove Russia from the SWIFT system. Ewald Nowotny, an economist and a policy maker for the European Central Bank highlighted how if Russia is removed from the SWIFT system international companies conducting business in Russia will be the first to suffer.

However, according to Elvira Nabiullina, a Russian economist and former economic advisor to President Putin and the head of the Central Bank of Russia, if Russia is removed from the Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications then Russia’s banks won’t collapse. She explained how they have devised a new system that will continue operations in the SWIFT format and will work as an alternative for the country.

According to a report published last year, more than three hundred banks in Russia have adopted the SWIFT alternative – the System for Transfer of Financial Messages, or SPFS as the Russians call it.

Furthermore, to enhance the SPFS system, Russia’s Central Bank’s first international branch in Beijing was opened, and the Chinese opened a financial institution in Russia to strengthen the financial relationship between the two nations and the beginnings of the ‘de-dollarization’.

As for the Federal Reserve and other international financial institutions that trade in non-physical currency and futures, and all other riskier practices; are now buying bulk quantities of physical gold – leaving their old practices behind.

Russia is one of the more powerful nations in the world.  With the power, however, comes enemies. One of its enemies has a slight fi...

Testimonies importance

Testimonies are the result or the benefit which are obtained with the products and the business. Thus, they are quite personal. They must be clear, brief, objective and true.

The first testimonies are more powerful, especially the ones which are related to the gains because people who have not begun yet identify themselves easier with these ones than the achieved results after being for two or three more years in the business. This is regarded very distantly. They want to know how much they will be able to earn in a brief time, the first day, the first week, the first month. While you do not have your own testimonies, you could use the testimonies that you have listened to at meetings and conferences: “A woman earned in her first month…”

The most effective testimonies are always the most spectacular. If these ones have to be true, you have to go ahead and create your own story because you will only have one first day, one first week, one first month, one first year in the business. Just for this situation, we insist on the importance of starting your business up immediately. Although you do not know everything about this. It is quite simple, you do not need to know so much about it to be able to start up.

As soon as you obtain results with the products and the business, you should start preparing your testimonies, no matter if you think they are small. You should write them and remember, they should be brief, clear and objective.

After this, you should memorize them because they will be useful to always say the same when you need to use them. Do not forget to give them your emotion when you are sharing it because at first this is the thing which helps you to sell more. On the business testimonies, you should insist on how simple it was signing or inviting your first customers, or also earning your first royalties. Do remember that on the sales, it is said that 80% of the decisions are based on feelings and just 20% on logic.

Each testimony, even if it is about the products or the business, is recommended not to last more than one or two minutes. That is the reason you must prepare your speech carefully.

A common mistake that many customers or members make consist on the following: they feel bad because they think their testimonies have been listened to many times by their peers and they tend to exaggerate or modify them, believing that saying new things will be better.

You must know that your testimonies go targeted to prospectus or new customers, not the ones who are members. Thus, no matter if you repeat them over and over because the prospectus will not be always the same.

Well prepared testimonies said with emotion constitute alive and palpable evidences that products and services work and that the business can be done and although they do not say, it is what every prospectus wants to hear.

We recommend you not to miss the next article: How to get the best out of testimonies.

Testimonies are the result or the benefit which are obtained with the products and the business. Thus, they are quite personal. They...

The Nazi gold train

Two treasure hunters made the discovery of the Nazi train available to the public. This train was abandoned before the end of the Second World War in secret tunnels in Walbrzych, Poland.

According to the treasure hunters, they discovered the existence and the location of the train thanks to a map that a German soldier drew before die. He warned that the train was mined.

The legend tells that this 100 meters long train has 300 tonnes of gold, jewels, weapons, works of art and historical documents. It’s believed that inside can be the Russian amber room, a luxurious room made with amber panels, furniture, etc. Before, amber was more expensive than gold. Sofía Carlota de Hannover ordered it and after, it was gave to Peter the Great as a gift by Friedrich Wilhelm I in 1716.

In 1941 Hitler’s troops stole the amber room from a palace near Saint Petersburg and they carried it to Kaliningrad where it disappeared.

After the news about the Nazi train broke, the authorities of the country started the search and after analyzing some images that were taken in the radar zone, the Polish vice minister, Piotr Zuchowski, confirmed the existence of the train.

Miles of treasure hunters came to the zone to try to solve this mystery typical of an intriguing movie.

Two treasure hunters made the discovery of the Nazi train available to the public. This train was abandoned before the end of the Secon...

IndaloGold: Building a future together

Network Global Services Corporation S.A. and its commercial name IndaloGold is an Online Shop that buys and sells bullion and coins of 24 carat fine gold legally registered in Republic of Panama, starting its activities in January 2016. We currently have a team of professionals specialized in different areas, which ensure the quality and service offered to our customers.

What we offer:

* IndaloGold through its online shop sells bullion and coins of 24 carat fine gold in different weights from prestigious refineries.
* We offer a wide range of products ensuring that you always have a variety at your disposal.
* IndaloGold only sells high quality products that meet the highest quality standards. The quality is guaranteed because we work with by LBMA (The London Bullion Market Association) certified refineries.

Our mission:

We want to help people and customers by showing them how to generate and accumulate investment gold through our loyalty shopping system with discount. Offering our clients the possibility to generate investment gold assets thus securing and equity stability, creating value and making a difference. Allowing you to have a better quality of life and better economic stability.

2017 Vision:

Raise awareness and bring to market the IndaloGold online shop and our discount shopping program for customer’s loyalty.

General Vision:

To be a world reference in marketing through our IndaloGold online shop and our discount purchase program, seeking customers loyalty with bullion and gold coins. Also providing the opportunity to generate wealth in gold (economic stability) to thousands of people worldwide.

A company prepared to compete globally.

A responsible, efficient and competitive company committed to its customers.


Committed to the development of the company in the long term.

Make a difference in everything we do, thanks to the perseverance, dedication and passion proven every day.

Serve our customers effectively continually challenging us to achieve new products and objectives.

Respect and openness to diversity of cultures and traditions of our clients through relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Listen to improvements and different views from our customers and communicate openly and honestly.

Commitment to a serious work ethic, integrity and honesty, as well as compliance with applicable laws and with IndaloGold´s principles, policies and standards.

Network Global Services Corporation S.A . and its commercial name IndaloGold is an Online Shop that buys and sells bullion and coin...