The way of success: The 5 keys that can change your life

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Times change and market too. Every time there are more and more people starting in the Network Marketing business. “People dive into a swimming pool without knowing if there is any water in it or even not knowing how to swim”.

The true is that everyone can in this business triumph but it must be noted some keys to have a good start.

The Network Marketing is not based on the working hours that an entrepreneur dedicates to the business, but rather in the quality and the way to work it. As in any other traditional business, there must be planning how to develop it.

The networker work is based only on three activities in which he has to spend the 90% of his time:

Prospecting is the act of finding prospects. Is get in touch with your “objective public” valuing who can be receptive to this opportunity, not only in your environment but also with an online research system. How many more prospectuses you have, the possibility of acquiring customers will be higher.

Introduce, offer the business opportunity to as many people as possible giving a presentation in the most professional way possible. For this you have to be well-informed.

Teach new partners how the business works and duplicate yourself.  Spend the time necessary training your team. Remember “in a team the work is divided and profits multiply”.

But if your aspirations are to become one of the best, if you want to succeed, we give you some advices.

The virtues that a networker should have to get financial freedom


For a Networker this is one of the most important virtue, it´s the base for the building of a team that will be united over years and will continue working independent of the company where you are.

“The only adhesive that will maintain a network together for a long time is the friendship, loyalty and relationship”, Richard Poe, Wave 4 author.

In order to the relationships live on you have to keep in mind above everything the
acknowledgement, gratitude, be able to forgive and not complain.

You should know how to be in contact with the right people. Would you like to earn a lot of money?, would you like to be very successful? Learn and be in contact with people who have already it.

Jim Rohn says that in the long term someone becomes the average of the five people he spends the most time with.

Who are your five? Do they have what you want to have?


A network marketing professional is a person who takes the responsibility for his business. This person doesn´t give excuses and doesn´t blame anybody for his failures because the business begins and finishes in oneself. Everything is up to you.

If you want to become a good leader you have to take the responsibility for your success and for the rest success.

To maintain a good relationship with your team you should be and act responsibly.  Be true to your promises and manage your team honestly. A great Professional has a strict ethics with himself and he has to transmit it to his organization.


A Professional knows that the business prospers or becomes stagnant according to his personal growth. Training yourself continuously, attend seminars and courses, listen motivation audios, read books and prepare yourself. Invest in yourself, you are the motor of your business.
Prepare yourself to be successful. The best professionals of the industry trained themselves over years to be where they are now.


The product is not the only factor to be successful in a company. The most important factor is you as a person. Nevertheless, the product also plays an important role and the Professional knows it.

The base of the Network Marketing business is the products volume because they help you to establish a residual income.

The professional consumes and shows the products of his own company, highlight the importance and the advantages of the acquisition of the products. If in a presentation the information leaflet says NO to the business, we always can remember people the benefits of the product and invite them to be only our client. A satisfied client brings us new clients, if the product is attractive for him.


Professionals with a broad view inspire.
A personal goal and a common goal, establish a view for all the organization is desirable in the medium or long-term. The view motivates the team every day to take a step forward in the career plan. It´s a guide to make decisions that always let us verify if we are on the right way to our goal. An example is: “impact the lives of 100 million people personally, professionally, spiritually and financially”.

You already have the keys. If you have these 5 qualities, an appropiate plan of work, the necessary persistence and a good company like IndaloGold,  nothing will prevent you from achieving financial freedom.

The success is up to you and it´s the consequence of your acts.

Times change and market too. Every time there are more and more people starting in the Network Marketing business. “People dive in...