How to hide your gold

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For bullions and coins buyers the most gratifying moment when they buy gold is when they receive the product, because the client understands the real value of tangible monetary assets. But sometimes we can be worry about how to safeguard this treasure.

Therefore IndaloGold gives to its clients some advices about how to protect their gold and keep it safe. At first, the treasures are safe when they are hidden in different places and only few people can know where they are.

A good idea would be…. A treasure map
Like in a game, leave in different places clues to create the treasure map.
With clear instructions to have access to your precious metals in case of urgency or if you have to reveal the hiding places to a loved one.

Cold gold: the freezer
Independently if you are the homeowner or tenant, the freezer is an essential appliance found in almost every home. This option is excellent because of the accessibility and convenience. It doesn´t require any structural modification in the house.
Chicken, turkey, ice cream containers, etc. can be carefully filled with your valuable objects. They would be protected against the fire when we cook the food. The temperature will have a conservation effect for the gold. The space is a limitation in this case but it is a good option because rarely freezers are the objective of the thieves.

My garden treasure: pots and ponds.
The density and weight of the garden pots are perfect for the storage of a large amount of precious metals. We can change the bases to have a spacious non-visible compartment inside. The layer of soil works as a protective barrier and it is fireproof. A bigger base is good to hide tubes with tens of coins or bullions. Remember to keep waterproof your metals always before you hide them. To hide a bigger amount of metals you can use ponds or fountains.

Gold flames: the fireplace.
The incorporation of a place to store things in a house is one of the best solutions to hide the secret place. The free time room is the last place where the thief would look for our treasure. This solution requires some bricklaying works to make a compartment in the base or along of the fireplace walls. The compartment can be personalized to satisfy your storage necessity. When you finish making the compartment, seal it and you will have a hardy and fireproof solution to store your gold.

Ingenuity and imagination.

The ingenuity and imagination make us look for unusual places, have some thief ever thought about to search in the bathroom?
For sure, thieves don´t to look for valuable objects in a so wet and unattractive place like the bathroom.

Precious Pets: animal bed or cat litter boxes.
Beds for dogs or cats and litter boxes give you an ideal space to hide the gold and store it. The unique limitation is the depth and width of the litter box or animal bed. Make sure the container has been reinforced to protect it from your pet and check the litter box or animal bed has been remounted correctly. The aroma and the appearance of the storage place will limit the thief attention.

Final conclusions about how to hide your gold.

Almost any storage solution can be personalized to satisfy your security and life configurations.

The same as with some other investment option, the diversification of the risks is an important part of the process. The use of different locations will reduce the risk and will provide peace of mind. Don’t limit yourself to your own house, there are a lot of options to hide your treasure outdoors.

Your shortage of creativity can be the main limitation when you search the ideal storage. The flexibility is important, so, use the diversification in the location to safeguard your metals against the most common and uncommon scenes.

Here our report about some potential ideas to hide your gold finishes.

We hope you hide your treasure in a safe place.

For bullions and coins buyers the most gratifying moment when they buy gold is when they receive the product, because the client understa...